Deer Antler Dog Chews

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Long lasting, naturally shed, Deer Antler Dog Chews – straight from Mother Nature!

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Deer Antler Dog Chews A long lasting chew treat straight from Mother Nature! Deer, elk and caribou naturally shed their antlers every spring. The naturally shed antlers are gathered, power washed with water, cut, and the sharp edges removed to give your dog a healthy, safer chew. So much better than your couch or shoes! Each antler is sold by weight and will vary in length and diameter from piece to piece, just like nature intended!

  • No Odor
  • No Grease or Mess
  • Long Lasting
  • Does not Splinter Like Bone
  • Helps Clean Teeth Naturally
  • Does not Contain Chemicals
  • Contains Calcium, Phosphorous and Potassium
  • No Fat

The antlers are sold in packs of 3 or 6, depending on the size, so that Flint River Ranch can offer you the best possible pricing. The antlers will ship to you via UPS Surepost, via the United States Postal Service. They may take up to 10 days to arrive. Antlers are packaged based on weight not size. It is likely that you will get varying sizes in one package. These recommendations are for the average chewer.

2 reviews for Deer Antler Dog Chews

  1. 5 out of 5


    Naturally shed. Unprocessed. I’ve had it explained to me that these Antlers are prepared using a simple process of pressure washing the sharp edges and dirt off. No greasy chemicals or sprayed on flavors. My dogs love to chew these and they last a long time.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Bought some Deer Antlers from my local pet store. They were greasy and left a stain on my carpet. I like the fact that these antlers aren’t dipped in chemicals and smelly flavorings. My dog loves chewing these without all that added junk.

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